Innovation Centre Denmark – Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the world’s leading place for innovation and high tech and has a unique ecosystem consisting of capital, world-class universities and industries. Innovation Center Denmark is your gateway to Silicon Valley.

Our Mission

The mission of Innovation Center Denmark is to build bridges between research institutions, companies and capital in Denmark and Silicon Valley; accelerate the entry of Danish companies into Silicon Valley; promote US investments in Denmark; and facilitate research cooperation and provide inspiration to help drive innovation in Denmark. 


Who we are

Innovation Center Denmark is the result of the cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

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Silicon Valley Tech Talk


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What customers say:
We joined the SCALEit program in November 2014 and it was a great way to explore and learn about the Silicon Valley ECO-system in a very efficient way. We learned in one week what we should have spent 3 months in learning. Important for every startup to save time! - Thomas Bülow, Founder & CEO ARPEDIO-logo-for-web.png
We believe external opportunities, partners and insights can help your business prosper and grow due to your innovations becoming more superior. - Anders C. CEO
Other business areas

Aims at bridging the gap between Danish companies and Silicon Valley, a global hotspot for tech. Learn more

Water Technology Alliance
Shares knowledge and solutions on a fully sustainable and 100% energy neutral water cycle. We build network with utilities and authorities, arrange workshops and study trips to Denmark. 
Invest in Denmark

Provides tailor-made solutions for foreign companies who consider establishing business and research activities in Denmark. Learn more. 

Tech Ambassador
The ambassador will “establish and prioritize comprehensive relations” between tech companies and Denmark. Read the article in Danish news paper Politiken here. 
Startups and SMB's

Through a number of different platforms we help Danish technology companies at different stages (startups and SMB's) enter the US market, Scale globally. To find growth capital, and a general introduction to the Silicon Valley ecosystem.  

Learning about emerging technologies, knowing about the latest disrupters affecting your field of business, and using innovation tools to develop your distinctive capabilities is key to survival and success on the markets of today. 
Research & Innovation
Enhancing internationalization of Danish research by 1) establishing collaboration between Danish and US researchers 2) developing workshop for Danish research groups in the US 3) analysing specific issues of interest to the Danish research and higher education agenda. 

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