The Applied Artificial Intelligence Project

Innovation Center Denmark Silicon Valley wants to help to transform knowledge about artificial intelligence into impact in Denmark, benefitting Danish companies, the public sector, and universities. We want to transform the intangible AI into Applied AI; making AI tangible, concrete and useful.

We need to transform knowledge about AI into impact

Interest in artificial intelligence has surged in the last several years. Although dating back to research starting in the 1930-1950’s, AI is today still just talk in many sectors and industries. The real impactful solutions have yet to be seen and to be taken seriously.

However, in the latter years the convergence of a number of factors have reignited the interest in AI, with some sectors beginning to adopt mature AI solutions.

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Looking forward the next 3-5 years or 10 years the expectation is that the meaningful use, the “applied AI will move into numerous sectors affecting humans, organizations and eventually societies. The expectation is that the chasm that needs to be crossed when every new technology is introduced will be crossed, and real, scalable deployment will be seen and even more advanced solutions will follow.

Every year at Innovation Centre Denmark Silicon Valley, we immerse ourselves in one or more chosen innovation projects. This time, we focused solely on artificial intelligence.

At Innovation Centre Denmark Silicon Valley we want to transform knowledge about artificial intelligence into impact in Denmark, benefitting Danish companies, the public sector, and the universities. We want to transform the intangible AI into Applied AI; making AI tangible, concrete and useful. So that we understand AI better, and are ready when we want to put the many different AI technologies to use.

The Applied AI Project: Deep dive into five major sectors

During the Applied AI Project, we have applied knowledge about artificial intelligence into five sectors where AI is already - and even more in the near future - expected to play a major role: Finance, Manufacturing, Energy, Healthcare, and Public Administration.

We have worked with both large and early-stage businesses and organizations in each of the sectors, trying to understand specific scenarios and use cases where AI can make an impact in the near future with companies such as Grundfos, Nordea, and The State Administration of Denmark.

Danish companies and organizations have a huge opportunity to become leaders in the development of artificial intelligence. Denmark is highly digitalized, and all citizens are registered via a civil registration number that gives online access to paying taxes, get in touch with healthcare and public administration, and get insights in all records about oneself.

No natural resources are needed to develop and use AI, only smart minds and data. And like with any other technology, if we just “wait and see”, we risk falling behind, and not exploiting the many opportunities behind the technologies. Starting early will also prepare us for the more difficult discussions around data security, transparency in AI decision making, “the future of work” and many other themes that are relevant to discuss in a future with more and more artificial intelligence.

Some of the scenarios are already being implemented, others are in a pilot or scoping phase, while others again are “likely scenarios” to be explored. But all the scenarios are realistic use cases, with AI technology available to support an implementation today.

The project is divided into the above-mentioned five sectors, where we introduce AI in each vertical and sample AI solutions. This is supported by cases from the start-up and research scenes in Silicon Valley, and a case study of applied AI in a Danish organization.

How can Innovation Center Denmark help me?

At Innovation Centre Denmark Silicon Valley we can help businesses - early-stage to SME’s - to see the possibilities that applied AI holds for them. We can assist with AI strategy and implementation as well as choosing the right platform, technology and working with data.

Applied AI is such a complex area that no one holds the entire truth for all. But because of our knowledge, our network and presence in Silicon Valley, we at Innovation Center Denmark can help you navigate so that it makes sense to your sector and business.

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Innovation Centre Denmark Silicon Valley is the largest of the currently seven Danish innovation centers. We are a global organization and have through more than 11 years worked with Danish and U.S. companies in Silicon Valley.

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