AI Talent in Denmark

Outstanding universities and a promising AI start-up scene

Built upon the backbone of generations of great programmers, Denmark today offers excellent research institutions as well as talented graduates.

When it comes to computer science and AI, Denmark has some of the top universities in Europe, which subsequently has fostered a growing scene of talented Danish AI start-ups. Take for example Corti, Botsupply, Unsilo, and Wind Power Lab, that you can read more about further down this site.

From healthcare to agriculture Denmark is at the AI frontier

From healthcare and finance to agriculture and education, Denmark is at the frontier of doing both research in and application of Machine Learning and AI.

All in all, Denmark’s talent and digitized ecosystem is the foundation from which companies can leverage and create unique R&D and application methods in order to successfully compete in the growing world of artificial intelligence.

Denmark offers excellent Computer Science Research

Denmark has three universities within the European top 15 when it comes to theoretical computer science (TCS) and two top 10 universities in Human-Computer Interaction. As if that’s not enough for such a small nation, Denmark also has a top 3 university in cryptography and a top 5 university in Natural Language Processing.

It is a common practice in Denmark for private companies to collaborate with schools, universities, or public organizations.

A tradition of outstanding research, as well as the unique framework for public-private partnerships, has given Danish research institutions a reputation that has attracted many international companies to for example Aarhus University and The University of Copenhagen to collaborate on projects..


The Technical University of Denmark, DTU, is at the academic and multidisciplinary forefront of the technical and natural sciences. The university is ranked as no. 1 in the Nordic Region and 14 in Europe on Reuter’s Top 100 World’s Most Innovative Universities. Furthermore, DTU is ranked as no. 6 in Europe on the list of Best Global Universities in Engineering.

As part of DTU, DTU Compute is Denmark´s largest environment for mathematics and computer science. At DTU compute, they realize that Denmark is at the frontier between industrial and digital societies. It is thus natural, that the students of DTU Compute contribute to tomorrow’s society, whether it is through developing a model to forecast wind energy production, now used as a global benchmark, or by inventing a “self-healing” computer that attracts the attention of NASA.

Aarhus University

It is a clear testament to the quality of the research and students that graduate from the Computer Science Department at Aarhus University that Google, eBay, and Uber all have specialized software engineering offices in Aarhus.

Nestled in the middle of Denmark, Aarhus University specializes in cryptography and is no. 3 in Europe when it comes to cryptography research.

Within theoretical computer science, Aarhus University also makes a mark. The school is no. 8 in Europe in both TCS and the principles, techniques, and application of database management systems and data management technology.

Copenhagen University

The University of Copenhagen is the largest university in Denmark. The Department of Computer Science is ranked no. 3 in TCS and no. 5 in NLP in Europe. The TCS and NLP group collaborates with the best universities and companies in the world. In 2017, for example, the NLP group co-authored with researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, UW Seattle, Cambridge University, and Google Research.

In addition,  the University of Copenhagen is home to the prestigious Niels Bohr Institute. The institute is world famous for its work with theoretical physics and the scientific work in fields such as astronomy, geophysics, climate, nanotechnology, and quantum physics, attracting talent from all over the world. As a consequence of having some of the most talented researchers in quantum physics and quantum computing conducting their research there, Microsoft has anchored their Quantum Computing Research efforts at the institute.

AI Networks and Organizations in Denmark

Professional networks and organizations that occupy themselves with artificial intelligence are beginning to establish and specialize more and more. Two interesting players in the field are:

Danish Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence at the Alexandra Institute

The Danish Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence was established in 2017. Here companies are provided with easy access to cutting-edge expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data.

The Alexandra Institute is one point of entry into the world of artificial intelligence in Denmark, as they provide access to start-ups, SME’s, large companies, as well as universities, authorities, and technology partners.

Several companies, including IBM, has recently moved in or partnered with the Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence to leverage the Danish eco-system.


Nordic.AI is a community-based, non-profit organization that is working to unite artificial intelligence and machine learning ecosystems from across the Nordics.

Nordic.ai is building a Nordic AI platform through a coordinated, community-based movement for branding and outreach. The collective database holds approximately 100 AI start-ups from all over the Nordics.

The artificial intelligence community works with different partners in the Nordics to create a collective impact. The mission is to connect people across industries, research, and start-ups to build one of the world’s premier AI hubs.

The Danish AI start-up scene

A significant number of start-ups operating within different sectors and branches of artificial intelligence are already present in Denmark with a rapidly growing base.

At Innovation Centre Denmark Silicon Valley, we have been able to gather intelligence on more than 70 start-ups. Our table, which will be updated continuously, can be found here. If you want on it please contact us.

Some of the noteworthy Danish start-ups we have encountered during the Applied AI Project include:

As a part of our deep dive into Applied Artificial Intelligence, Innovation Center Denmark Silicon Valley has been conducting interviews with experts from academia, the business world and start-ups that all are working on the cutting edge of applied AI.

We asked two of the Danish start-ups to talk with us about their company, their view on Artificial Intelligence, and how they apply it in their organizations. 

Wind Power Lab

Wind Power LAB is a newly founded Danish start-up that deliver automated products and services for the wind power industry with a focus on blade defect assessments and blade risk management. Their core service is based on AI and deep learning algorithms for automated defect detection and assessment of structural damage. The data from the analysis form the basis for the company's technical feedback to their customers.


BotSupply is a Copenhagen-based "AI Agency" that builds that boundary pushing bots and AI solution with that can help brands enhance and boost their relationship with their customers.