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Who can learn something in and fromSilicon Valley?

Local experts argue that it’s the combination of ideas, people, mindset, culture, ”best practices”, and capital that makes Silicon Valley unique and to one of the world’s best innovation environments for entrepreneurs and others who wish to build global actors.

Silicon Valley as Early Warning

It is recommended that organizations without affiliation in Silicon Valley should have success in their domestic region in order to succeed in Silicon Valley. However, there is always inspiration and knowledge that is worth bringing onwards.

Funding support

Silicon Valley is world leading when it comes to venture capital, which also makes the area more specialized. ICDK assist in identifying obvious capital partners.

Market Entry

ICDK supports the entire or
parts of a market introduction.

Outlook analysis

The perspective that highlights a specific area either as it is today
through an American lens or as it is expected to develop in the future.

Strategic Partnerships

Presentation of several qualified candidates no matter which technology or business area the partnership is to be found within.

Fact finding / Tech scouting

Supporting the identification of acquisition candidates, analysis of a specific technology, or data and fact finding.

Inspirational visits

Inspiration to an adapted or new strategy, learning from leading companies, and meeting relevant actors can be arranged through the intervention of ICDK.

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