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Founder Friendly Terms – say wuut?

New international collaboration

Hooked, by Nir Eyal - A Must Read for Tech Startups

Executive Summary - A Guide for Danish Startups in Silicon Valley

Pitching in front of a big audience

Spiio takes growth hacking to new levels

Why Pitching is so much more than Pitching

4 reasons to consider a Silicon Valley investment

Every Danish startup should consider a pilgrimage to Silicon Valley

5 things to consider before seeking a Silicon Valley investment

Become A Master of Scale

Leadership in Artificial Intelligence - The Story of Ayasdi

Danish Financial Companies Unite on the Future of Money [Part 1 of 3]

Will Silicon Valley Transform the Global Water Sector?

What does the perfect SCALEit candidate look like?

Affirm - Revolutionizing the Loan Industry Through the Use of AI

Let's Not Forget About the SME's

AppZen Applying AI to Expense Management

Connections to companies and technology are more important in the digital age than ever

Interns for Spring 2018 WANTED!

ICDK Silicon Valley @TechBBQ2017

SCALEit #18 in 5 hashtags

Intern Newbies Ready to Embrace the Innovative Silicon Valley Way [News]

Danish Companies to Map Groundwater in California

Investor Pitch Deck Check List - Format

What makes the Nordics a "Unicorn Factory"? Is it culture or coincidence?

The Danish government has presented a new foreign and security policy strategy.

SCALEit Batch 17

SCALEit Alumni Conferize have gone public!

Congratulations to Unity Technologies

A Bright Future for the Danish Drone Research and Industry

AAAS Science and Technology meeting in Washington

SparNord being incubated in the hot house of FinTech



Klar til din næste funding runde?

Brian on business in the Bay

Will you be Denmark's first Tech Ambassador?

The new faces of ICDK SV

Samuelsen scours Silicon Valley

Next generation printed solar cells

SCALEit Teams - February 2017

Interns Wanted for Fall 2017!


Four new Innovation Associates join ICDK_SV

JOB OPENING: Junior Science and Education Advisor

FinTech in North America – A Disruptive Affair

Empowering Homeless Women

Now Seeking Spring 2017 Interns!

New curiosity and talent to Silicon Valley



ICDK's 10th Anniversary at BoConcept





An Insider's Guide to Silicon Valley


New kids on the ICDK block... and blog

Invitation to Future of Work & Organizations with Alex Goldman

Interns wanted for Fall 2016!

Your connected life – a CES 2016 trend

The Future of Man-Machine Interaction

A Start-Up’s Introduction to the VC Market of Silicon Valley

The Secret Sauce of Silicon Valley

Danish Ideas: Heaps - There's a party nearby

American shopping culture spreads to Denmark

Samsø: The world's only 100% renewable energy society

Meet Martin Broch Pedersen - our new Innovation Consultant

A few fun facts on corporate innovation in Silicon Valley

Launch of the brand new XPLOREit initiative

A sneak peak into the diversity of Silicon Valley start-ups

Back to the Future II - a 26 year technology forecast?

MIT Opens the Door to Danish Researchers

Elon Musk: Tesla wants to tap into Danish wind storage technologies

Report Documents the Great Value SCALEit Creates for Danish Tech Companies

Dokumenteret effekt af det danske inkubatorprogram SCALEit - ny rapport

Interns Wanted for Spring 2016!

New Infusion of Intern Energy at the Innovation Centre

Fun Fact: The First Danish Astronaut in Space

If Apple Watch says stand, I stand

Branching out to San Diego: Get to know our new team member - Thomas Mortensen

Scaling it at Danish doorsteps!

Danish Ideas: Making Solar Power cheaper than Fossil Fuels

The best insider tips from Silicon Valley

Experienced corporate innovator joins the office

Can you sell Danish high tech and build partnerships within pharma and biotech?

The World Champion in Tech is found!

ICDK: The Danish General Election's Silicon Valley HQ

Major Danish biogas potential in California

Follow the Mothership: Stay updated on our new LinkedIn pages

More than 80 Danish startups have been immersed in the Valley

Copenhagen Mayors serve food to Tenderloin’s homeless

Meet the newest member of the pack - Jacob Hagemann

Knock, knock...

MOOCs: Made in Denmark

Where Big Data makes a Big Difference in Healthcare

Future vehicle technologies - the holy grail of zero emission vehicles

Rethinking healthcare in the Caring Municipality….

Fun fact: Do you think you know the Danes?

How we work

SCALEit in double digits

ICDK launches unique offer for Denmark’s best medicine students!

Invite to the Pitch Night of the year in San Francisco!

Welcome to the Valley! Three new interns at the Innovation Center

What the smartest people in the world talk about

Three foolproof strategies to make your startup fail

The Happiest Man Alive

Interns wanted!

Interested in doing research or study in Europe?

Goodbye for now!

A catalytic achievement

SCALEit alumni The Eye Tribe wins 4 awards at CES2015

Are you our new Commercial Advisor? (IT-team)

A Wealth of Ideas - a new innovation culture is launched at Denmark’s largest university hospital

Smart buildings trends – where green meets beautiful

The 10th Edition of SCALEit is coming up – let’s celebrate!

The Lean Startup Machine

Innovation as a triple helix

Transatlantic telemedicine opens new horizons

Haven't experienced SCALEit and Silicon Valley yet?

Nordic Innovation House opens in Silicon Valley

The benefits of doing research in Denmark

Departure from Gloom and Doom

The power of plants: Combining Organic synthesis and synthetic biology

The way we work

U.S. Educators want DK collaboration

SCALEit Ignite + TechCrunch Disrupt

Beating the odds of 1 in 1,000

Danish Minister of Business & Growth studies the ecosystem of the Valley

Crown Prince praises the Danish pioneers in Silicon Valley

The democratizing power of crowdfunding

New kids on the block: Meet the interns

How will you change the lives of a billion people?

From gas turbines to Smart Cities: Meet our new Clean Tech Advisor

Working with the “Happy Brain”

Nurturing the inconvenient ideas

Why Greenwave Systems chose to expand in Denmark

"Run the Risk"

The sweet taste of entrepreneurship

Introducing the new director of Innovation Center Denmark, Silicon Valley

Keeping the collaboration momentum going

The dilemma of leading organizational innovation

Organic Underwear on autopilot

SCALEit alumni Planday raises $ 3.75M

Disruption in 3D

From Lillebaelt to Farallones Islands

ESOF2104: Building bridges between science and society in Copenhagen

“Silicon Valley spirit gave me no choice”

Are you ready to join SCALEit in Silicon Valley?

Bright minds wishing to study in Denmark

Stirring the pot: YouNoodle raises $1.1M in new funding

Meet our new expert in CleanTech

A life defining experience

Let's reimagine education on May 14 in Copenhagen!

Silicon Valley feeds future projects of DEA

From Big Data to 3D bracelets: Two Danish Ministers experience Silicon Valley

Seeking Healthcare & Life Science Expert with a strong commercial profile for the Consulate General of Denmark in NYC

Meet the new ministers!

A quantum leap: 5th Annual Workshop on Photonics

Fun fact of the month?

Danish Minister explores online learning potentials

A Waoo! experience in Silicon Valley

Former ICDK intern “yelps” Copenhagen

Steinwurf announces new office space in Palo Alto, California

Meet the new interns

Danish photonics researchers receive generous gift from Agilent and Finisar

“What are they doing today?”

Destination Europe 31 January in Cambridge, Massachuse​tts, USA

Fireside chat with Heini Zachariassen about Vivino's journey from Copenhagen to Silicon Valley

"In Denmark, the government is part of the solution"

At the speed of light: New Photonics workshop

Study with world's most satisfied researchers

What we learned

The largest EU research & innovation program to date

Life's a pitch - do it the SCALEit way!

Bringing home the "can-do" spirit

How does Denmark enter the future?

A sound of Denmark in the Valley

Announcing Cleanweb DK!

Aarhus and Stanford Universities to collaborate on project educating children and teachers in Digital Media

SCALEit alumni Tweakker launches worldwide patent to connect billions of next generation devices

Coming up: New US - Denmark Workshop on Renewable Energy

Today YOU learned: We have a YouTube channel

Finding a Philanthropic Foundation that's right for you

Henrik Bennetsen: An Educational Disruption

Copenhagen - the most livable city

What we do: ICDK Case Study

Destination Europe

ICDK – incubating Danish Innovation

MOOC platform Udacity, partners with leading technology companies

Event Invitation: A Peak Into The Future of Learning

More and more R&D cooperation between Denmark and the USA

New intern

Danish Innovative Designer, Eskild Hansen, visits San Francisco Bay Area

The Sound of Denmark comes to Silicon Valley

MOOCs in Europe

Three Internships at Innovation Centre Denmark in Silicon Valley, USA

New interns at ICDK fall 2013

ICDK – The Movie

Spotlight: Succesful Danish Entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area

Copenhagen presents: House of Green

Seed Financing’s growing importance

SCALEit Digital Health – September 23-27

The Bay Area is the center of attention for European entrepreneurs, companies and investors

Outcomes of Internships at ICDK

New Innovation Centres in Brazil, India and South Korea

SAS New Route

Cleanweb: a new grassroots movement

Crowdfunding is HOT

Online Education: No more dusty classrooms

Energy Efficiency and Smart Energy Conference

US-Danish initiative on Molecular Programming and Computing in Copenhagen

Denmark: a BioTech frontrunner

TiECon 2013

Next stop: Denmark

Do you have an Innovation Strategy – and how to tell?

Cleantech Innovation Certificate Program

How US Universities use social media

Save the date: Destination Europe 11 April 2013, Washington DC

New Danish growth package include initiatives towards research and foreign labor

SCALEit Inspire coming to Denmark this April

New Addition to our team in Silicon Valley: New Director of Health IT

Cleantech: Where do we go from here?

US-Denmark Summer Workshop on Renewable Energy

Agilent’s acquisition of Dako creates growth and jobs in Denmark

EPO and USPTO launch Cooperative Patent Classification

An evening with Ann Winblad and the Danish Minister for Trade and Investment

4th Annual Photonics Workshop

Solar Mosaic –Financing Solar with Crowdfunding

Conference in the US in 2013

New interns at ICDK spring 2013

A look in the crystal ball

Three Additional Innovation Centres

The Hidden Revolution

Nordic Built – Joining forces for a sustainable built environment

Greener cities – Copenhagen taking the lead

What happens when Danes and Americans meet and discuss senior care?

Why it’s never been a better time to be an Entrepreneur

Thoughts on Startup Weekend

Denmark as a Start-Up Nation?

Travel and learn

Denmark reaches goals for solar energy eight years ahead of time

Gold medal for Offshore Center Denmark

Denmark again comes out in a top position within biotechnology innovation

Working across time zones

New ICDK interns fall 2012

An inspiring SCALEit event

New Danish energy agreement

With biosamples as currency and research potential as return

Healthcare Innovation Management

Why not SCALEit?

Denmark in the top in the newly public Global Innovation Index

The future of diagnostics and health care technologies

Danish-American Partnership Promotes Melanoma Pain Research

New exchange program between UC Berkeley and The Technical University of Denmark

From downturn to recovery - 2011 Silicon Valley venture capital stats

3rd Annual Workshop on Photonics has successfully been conducted

SV Forum's Annual Cleantech Conference, Part 2: Cleantech investment opportunities

New interns at ICDK

What will the future internet look like and is it possible to build micro systems on the surface of an eye?

SV Forum's Annual Cleantech Conference, Part 1: Opportunities and Challenges for EVs in 2012

Low Prices for Solar at a High Cost for Solar Companies

First Four Cleantech Startups ’Graduate’ From Greenstart

Universities Generate More Startups

Nordic Cleantech Open: Apply Now!

Danish Black Silicon Solar in the Global Forum Final

Three Exciting and Very Different Companies Represented Denmark at the Nordic Cleantech Showcase

Smart Grid Applied Denmark: A great success!

What is the Smart Grid?

Reality Hits a Virtual Wall

Grundfos Cuts the Ribbon to Innovative Water Technology Center

Invest in Denmark at the Health 2.0 Conference

Want to Bridge Danish and the American Research and Innovation Environments?

Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2011

October workshop at Stanford University - Explosions of Virtuality

Visiting scholarships in Silicon Valley

A Little Help from Our Green Friends

US Military's Green Push

From Denmark to California on Renewable Energy

Cleantech (dis)advantages

The Climate for Green Transportation

Silicon Valley Crash Course to Danish Minister

Kickoff workshop in the Transatlantic Telehealth Research Network

Explore the Bio-Based Future with us!

New interns at Innovation Center Denmark

The Road to a 100% Renewable Energy System

Recent Trends in Cleantech Investment and Innovation

Danish Professor of Biology gives talk at UC Davis

Danish Smart Grid experts coming to Silicon Valley June 20-24!!

The Danes impress at the AEC Global Teamwork finals!

Arguments against...

Sustainable conference center in Denmark is first of its kind

Danish Minister brings University Chancellors to the Valley

Apply Now: Summer School on Renewable Energy in California

Denmark continues to be a hot spot for EV companies

Grundfos to keynote at Blue Tech Valley Water Conference

Do you want to launch your startup in Silicon Valley?

Start-up Chile: A National Entrepreneurship Experiment

What the internet is doing to our brains

Obama Requests Increased R&D Investments in 2012 Budget

Two is better than one!

Fruitful partnership between CITRIS and Innovation Center Denmark

Stanford Researcher Appointed Honorary Doctor at Aalborg University

Stanford E-week - Highlights and Take-Aways

Smart Grid Applied May 2011

What do you see that the rest of us are blind to?

GridManager once again recognized as top cleantech start-up

Better Place is ready to sell electrical vehicles in Denmark

Game developers in town for GDC - meet the best and brightest from Scandinavia!

Crossing the Boundaries: How do New Technologies Shape International News?

Inspiring job position just opened: New Life Science Expert for ICDK!

Are you up for a challenge? We are looking for talented interns!

New interns at Innovation Center Denmark

In Silicon Valley we’re all Gold Diggers

Startup Weekend in Denmark – Want to start a business in just 54 hours?

Written words: now in English!

The Mobile Internet Tsunami

Nu sker det – den elektriske revolution er begyndt!

Danske forskere indtager Californien

Kalendergave fra Californien: Kursus i iværksætteri

Danske entreprenører vinder 1. præmie i global cleantech konkurrence

I karavanemode: På roadtrip med kendis fra Stanford

Schwarzenegger kæmper videre for grøn vækst i Californien

Jeffrey Sachs´ Earth Institute i samarbejde med Danmark

Første møde med startup-miljøet i San Francisco…...... -this is awesome!

4 praktikanter til Innovation Center Denmark, Silicon Valley

Danmark holder ferie

USA blæser til kamp mod uddannelses-nedsmeltning

Lad os lave din grønne idé til en succés!

Dansk-amerikanske møder i dansk midsommer

Sundhedskaravane i Californien

Socialt entreprenørskab – I Indien og på Stanford

En tur i skoven

Fra tavle og kridt til smartboards og smartpens på Stanford

Google PowerMeter – Power to the people

Tusinde tak for hjælpen!

Med fremtiden i favnen

Årets optag på Stanford: Én dansker håndplukket sammen med 2.000 ud af i alt 32.000 ansøgere

Nordic Green og dansk-californisk samarbejde om energilagring

Robocop go home! Robotics event på Stanford University

Dansk-Californisk Sommer Program inden for vedvarende energi - foregår i Danmark i år!

Succesfuld event om "Personalized Health Management"

”You can do it! – en beretning om bedstemoderen bag Googles succes”

“Hasta la Vista Schwarzenegger!”

Most memorable week ever - in Silicon Valley

På iværksætterkursus i Californien: Fra tangforskning til slankemiddel

Danskere med på Stanfords eweek

Dansk IT guru bryder med californisk iværksættertilgang

Danske forskere @ Iværksætterakademi

Nyt dansk-californisk samarbejde om fremtidens internet

The Google Secrets

UC Berkeley og Stanford nr. 2 og 4 i USA inden for CleanTech

2010: Forskningsår

Nordic Green II

CleanTech Trends for 2010

NASA, Danmark og Reform-aktivisme

Fra studerende på DTU til job på NASA

Interview with Danish Ambassador Friis Arne Petersen about COP15

HP: Opskriften på succesfuld innovation

Ny dansk verdensrekord og Dansk-californisk fotonik workshop

Fra sol til energi i Sunny California

Uge 47: Entreprenørskabsuge verden over

Får Obama den sundhedsreform igennem – og hvis han gør, hvad betyder det så for Danmark?

Internettets fader om sit barn

Stanford og UC Berkeley: 2 og 3 i verden

3,4 mia US$ fra Obama til grøn energi

Stanford satser milliarder på miljø og energi

Tom Tom´s likvidering?

Op af stolen og ud I solen –kommer leg og spil til at foregå foran en computerskærm i fremtiden?

Danskere får adgang til Californisk supercomputer

Nye penge til at understøtte dansk-amerikansk samarbejde

Vind et ugelangt ophold i Silicon Valley

ICDK søger praktikanter

Vil du til Stanford eller UC Berkeley?

ICDK besøger green building projekt i Santa Clara

Kampen om den grønne førertrøje

Design has never been this cool

Dansk-californisk sommerprogram om vedvarende energi

Tværvidenskab på Stanford: Man starter med campus’ bedste kantine...

Silicium-chippens efterkommer tager form

Verdens nye digitale lag

Spændende elbiler står klar i kulissen

Californien er cleantech-stat nummer et!

Detection. Innovation. Exploitation

Obama: 4 mia. DKK til 46 nye energiforskningscentre i USA

Grønne trends i Silicon Valley

Fra sollys til energi vha. grønne fabrikker

Fremtidens forretningsmodeller er grønne

Iværksætter konkurrence

Danske forskere på clean tech entreprenørskabsakademi

Ugens virksomhedsfokus: Energy Excellence

Danske politikere på Silicon Valley studietur

Hvordan kan vi bruge det sociale medie til andet end feriebilleder?

The GigaOm Network....


Alle vil have smart grid

Snow Crash and Metaverse

Clean Tech investeringer for $ 2.7 milliarder

”Innovation” som selvstændig nyhedskategori

Danmark knudepunkt for ny algeforskning og -udvikling

Obama og forskningsmillarderne

T Boone Pickens – En amerikansk visionær

NASA goes green - Nyt state-of-the-art forskningspark i Silicon Valley

Borger-centreret innovation

Cleantech Forum XXI

Forskerens rolle

Entreprenører på UC Davis

Hvad tænker investorerne?

Obama og hans plan!

Clean Tech Open - Mere end bare en konkurrence om business planer

The Millenium Project

Hvor bliver pengene af?

Supercomputere i Californien

Gaming week survey

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