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Empowering Homeless Women

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 23, 2016 11:21:39 AM / by ICDK

One of the things you quickly notice upon arriving in the Bay area is the sizeable number of homeless people – not just limited to one area but virtually all over. Concealed by homemade, wind-swept tents, sleeping in alleys, hiding underneath highway bridges, yelling or talking to themselves on the streets, it’s impossible not to experience, not to mention to be saddened by the magnitude of the problem.

Tine Christensen, who moved to the Bay area with her husband in 2013, founded the Blossom Foundation this August, destined to make a difference.  

San Francisco has more than 7,000 homeless, roughly 2,400 of whom are women between 20 and 50 years of age. Under the hashtag “#TheHomelessPeriod”, Tine has embarked a journey to make their lives a little more bearable by providing the homeless women with aids to manage their monthly menstruation cycle.

Coming from a background as a social worker at several hospitals and for the municipality of Copenhagen, Tine was not timid to approach the homeless whom she passed ways with, and during her encounters she found there is a lack of access to sanitary products in the homeless shelters, and many of the homeless don’t even have access to shelters due to a flood in demand; “Women are largely overlooked in the system despite their vulnerability to life on the streets.”

Small things do make a difference

In the past seven weeks, Tine has been spreading the word, in order to attract donations to make the project possible. Last week the first 300 bags, holding sanitary products, wet wipes and Rethink waters, were passed on to the municipality of San Francisco, and distributed to some of the women living the harsh life of the streets. This first round of bags served as a trial and” our hope is to expand the project and become a non-profit organization” she adds.

Tine is well aware that handing out sanitary products won’t solve all of the problems these women face, but she believes that even the small things do make a difference; “We hope to empower these women to reclaim their lives. Our mission is to give them a voice, dignity and hope.” For her, it is much more than accommodating basic needs and she hopes to make an impact on the way people see the homeless; “they are first and foremost humans, and they deserve to be a part of our society just like you and I.”

At the Innovation Center Denmark in Silicon Valley we are supportive of Tine’s initiative and we encourage you to spread the word and support if you can.

How can you help

1. By donating

2. By ordering female products online and ship them to this address: Corinthian Ct., unit 31, Tiburon, CA 94920

Please share this post or visit the Blossom Movement’s website or Facebook page.


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