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Every Danish startup should consider a pilgrimage to Silicon Valley

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 30, 2018 2:17:39 PM / by Mads Madsen

Mads Madsen

Many Danish startups look at Silicon Valley as a mere potential source for investment. We are here to tell you that the startup-ecosystem of the Bay Area is so much more than that.

“Silicon Valley is a mindset - it's not a location” as LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman put it. And boy has this mindset proven its ability to produce winners.

Silicon Valley - where all Danish Startups should seek inspiration


For Danish startups especially, Silicon Valley can be a useful source to gain new perspectives and perhaps leave some of our Danish predispositions behind.


Here are three good reasons for a Danish startup to visit Silicon Valley and gain the Silicon Valley mindset:


I: Networking, networking, networking

We Danes are notorious for being quite shy and inaccessible people. When making a serious world-conquering business, this will get you nowhere. Silicon Valley is build on relationships with the world-famous ‘pay-it-forward’ culture as it’s beating heart. For Danish entrepreneurs its paramount to learn the value of being ‘out there’ and making dots. Silicon Valley is the place to learn this. Your business depends on it.


II: A sense of scale

“A million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? A billion dollars.” these are the immortal words of Sean Parker who convinced Mark Zuckerberg not to sell Facebook after its initial success. Denmark is a country of old corporate giants with very few new companies growing to global successes.


We need to learn to aim for the sky and not sell off our life-blood to the first buyer who comes knocking. 


III: Investors as partners

In Silicon Valley, investors have walked the walk through their own startup adventures and know that they only succeed if you do. Also, the sheer amount of venture capital concentrated here means that investors compete for your attention. Danish entrepreneurs should seek inspiration in the Valley and relish on the concept of ‘founder friendly terms’ to get mental ammunition for their cap table negotiations.


These are only some of the reasons why Danish startups should visit Silicon Valley and get the Silicon Valley mindset. It will make you sharper, more ambitious, and better at doing business. 


Convinced yet? If yes, then click here and join us in Silicon Valley.

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