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Intern Newbies Ready to Embrace the Innovative Silicon Valley Way [News]

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 13, 2017 1:15:00 AM / by Maria Thing Nielsen

Maria Thing Nielsen

A new batch of young and hopeful interns have now joined our team, all ready to embrace the unique and innovative Silicon Valley way.

Group photo of the new interns

A Warm Welcome

Twice a year a new group of interns joins our team at the Silicon Valley division to assist the work towards helping Danish companies and organizations prosper in the intersection between science, technology and innovation. 

The new intern team consists of four diverse and talented master students all eager to spend the next six months to learn and develop themselves both profesionally and personally within one of the most fast paced business eco-systems in the world. 

"We highly value our interns here at Innovation Center Denmark. They have a drive and are eager to make an impact and learn more about technologies, innovation and future trends. We hope to give our interns a life altering experience where they are challenged both professionally and personally by offering them the opportunity to gain insights, knowledge and create an international network witin the epicentre of technology here in Silicon Valley."

- Søren Juul Jørgensen, CEO Innovation Center Denmark


So, Who are these Intern Newbies?

We know that you are all craving to be introduced to these new soon-to-be-tech-savvy interns, so lean back and familiarize yourself with Emil, Mads, Kevin and Maria.

Emil - Innovation & Research Intern

Profile picture of Emil

Emil is getting his master's degree in Political Science at Aarhus University and will be working with coordinating and promoting research projects between Danish and American universities.

Emil is born and bred in Aarhus, and after spending the spring semester in Paris studying at Sciences Po, the time has now come to get his hands dirty and explore Silicon Valley from a working perspective.

Why is Silicon Valley the place to be for you?

"I am intrigued by the fast paced business eco-system in Silicon Valley and want to contribute to the objective of making Denmark one of the leading knowledge based nations in the world by 2020. The internship at Innovation Center Denmark gives me the opportunity to work with the best universities in the world and at the same time gives me unique insights into working at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs."

Do you want to know more about Emil? Then check out his LinkedIn profile right here.


Mads - Innovation & Investment Intern

Profile picture of Mads

Mads is getting his master's degree in International Business and Politics at Copenhagen Business School and will be working with promoting the 'Invest in Denmark' and SCALEit programme, as well as Danish-American investment projects.

Mads is from Skals but moved to Copenhagen to conduct his studies, and with his true business mindset he joined the team to learn how to do international business the Silicon Valley way.

Why is Silicon Valley the place to be for you?

"Silicon Valley is the place for me because this is the epicentre of innovation, creativity, and simply getting stuff done. Furthermore, Silicon Valley is one of the few places in the world where nerds dominate the social hierarchy. I like that."

Do you want to know more about Mads? Then check out his LinkedIn profile right here.


Kevin - Innovation & Corporate Intern

Profile picture of Kevin

Kevin is getting his master's degree in Business Administration and e-Business at Copenhagen Business School, has an undergraduate in Techno-Anthropology from Aalborg University. He will be working with innovation projects in cooperation with Danish and American companies and organizations. 

Kevin lives in Copenhagen but originates from Herlev. With his passion for tech and business, Kevin joined the team to investigate the Silicon Valley hub from the inside.  

What excites you the most about ICDK SV?

"I’m passionate about science, technology, innovation and ultimately how it’s applied into businesses and society. Having the chance of helping Danish companies and organisations find the right people, right technologies and the right application of them to stay ahead of the curve, while at the same time being able to meet and work with talented and passionate people in ground zero of innovative technology and business development excites me immensely. I’m eager to put my academic and professional knowledge to good use, and to experience everything that the mythological Silicon Valley has to offer. I look forward to the many great adventures that  the next six months will hold at Innovation Center Denmark."

Do you want to know more about Kevin? Then check out his LinkedIn profile right here.


Maria - Innovation & Marketing Intern

Profile picture of Maria

Maria is getting her master's degree in Digital Living, Information Studies, and has an undergraduate in International Communication and Multimedia both from Aarhus University. She will be working with communications and marketing to promote the initiatives made by Innovation Center Denmark in Silicon Valley.

Maria is from Thyholm and moved to Aarhus to follow her studies, where her passion for social media, marketing and the digitialization of our lives drove her to join the team in the Silicon epicenter of technology.

What excites you the most about ICDK SV?

"There are several elements that I'm excited about, but I'm particularily motivated to be a part of an organization that seeks to be at the forefront of technological and digital innovation and then make these innovations relevant in a broad sense for the Danish society. I'm thrilled to take part in this important knowledge sharing that aims to put a small country like Denmark on the map as a very relevant technological and digital oriented nation worth collaborating with and investing in."  

Do you want to know more about Maria? Then check out her LinkedIn profile right here.


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