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Knock, knock...

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- Who is there?

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…..Innovation Centre Denmark is! Or to be completely precise, we are here if you knock on the heavy green marble door at 200 Page Mill Road in Palo Alto. But actually you should not knock. Then you will not be heard. Use the shiny doorbell instead, and your arrival will be announced throughout the entire office (Quite the entrance, huh?)… Now you have made it through the door, so what can we do for you?

(HINT: If you are not quite sure what we can actually help you with, then please, keep reading. You’ll know in a couple of minutes)

Who are we?


The person to let you in through the green door will probably be our Office Manager Marie Noerskov. She has been our Office Manager since the 1st of July 2014, and she came from a position in Denmark as PA to the Minister of Health. This is the first time she is featuring on the blog – welcome Marie! We are so happy to have you here.

Beside Marie the Innovation Centre also houses our Managing Director Søren Juul-Jørgensen, Innovation Attaché Mikkel Skovborg, CleanTech experts Christian Vinther, Ali Mushtaq and Ed Beardsworth, Deputy Director and Life Science expert Henrik Bo Larsen, ICT expert Carsten Jarfelt, Bent Hessen-Schmidt and Kristoffer Roerbaek from Invest in Denmark, and finally our three interns Kristina Hansen, Søren Engelbrekt and Line Rodil.

The Silicon Valley Bridge

At Innovation Centre Denmark our main purpose is to bridge Denmark and Silicon Valley. This being both in regards of helping Danish startups immerse into the American market but also in terms of attracting investments to Denmark like the recent successful example of Apple’s ambitious data center plans in Viborg.

Scale and accelerate in the valley

If you are a startup in Denmark dreaming about scaling your business to the US, we can help you. We have a whole initiative called SCALEit consisting of three programs in total. Twice a year we help startups with scaling potential to get a foothold in the vibrant Silicon Valley ecosystem through the SCALEit Ignite program. Throughout this weeklong program you as an entrepreneur receive training in the art of pitching, attend marketing, networking, sales and legal sessions, pitch to potential investors, and tap into the network of the Innovation Centre. Christian Erfurt, CEO of Be My Eyes, shares his SCALEit experience:

“SCALEit was a wonderful introduction on how a life/business setup could be like. It is an intense program where you get to the core of your business and your reasons for doing as you do. It was a great way to see words put into action.”

If you are interested in learning more about the SCALEit program, contact Christian Vinther or sign up for an interview here.

Innovation and corporate inspiration

Silicon Valley is not only for startups. Also established corporations can benefit from being present in the Valley. When doing business in the valley one should have a local address and phone number here. That’s how investors and potential new business partners know that you are serious about doing business. If that seems a bit much in regards of your needs, we have just the solution: Join us at the Innovation Centre, where we have office space that you can rent, and virtual office services that will make you appear as a local with a base in the Valley. When being present here at the Innovation Centre, you also have the opportunity of getting consultancy from our sector experts, and learn how your business will be disrupted or changed in the near future, what competitors should you be looking out for, and why. Contact Marie Noerskov to learn more about these services.

We do consultancy and inspirational workshops aimed at both the private and public sector. Recently we had the Department of Health and Care from the Municipality of Aarhus visiting to learn about healthcare in the Bay Area. Denmark is very advanced in our approach to healthcare and assisted living but this does not make the municipality of Aarhus rest on their laurels. Recognizing that technologies and ideologies from other sectors and providers are to be learnt from, is just one of the ways of innovating for the future.

Are your corporation ready to innovate? Do you know your products and competitors of tomorrow? Whether you do or not, please feel free to reach out to Henrik Bo Larsen, and learn more about how Innovation Centre Denmark can help your corporation with new insights and inspiration straight out of the Valley.

Are you more in search of research collaborations? Mikkel Skovborg and Kristina Hansen make up the Research and Technology team focusing on strengthening the ties between Danish and US research. This includes establishing networks and contact between Danish and Californian research communities, promoting Danish research, innovation and higher education through, among other things, Danish-Californian workshops, conferences, and exchanges, and finally to collect and disseminate best practice in California within science, innovation, and higher education. If you wish to learn more about the possibilities of research collaborations, please don’t hesitate to contact Mikkel.

What can we do for you?

We hope this gave you some insights into our offerings at Innovation Centre Denmark. Remember – just go to the heavy green marble door at 200 Page Mill Road and ring the bell, or contact any one of us by mail or phone. We look forward to asking:

“What can we do for you? – Innovation Centre Denmark is here to help you”

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