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Let's Not Forget About the SME's

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 4, 2017 8:01:48 AM / by Maria Thing Nielsen

Maria Thing Nielsen

Innovation Center Denmark Silicon Valley's SCALEit program has made a new initiative named SCALEit Catalyst where the focus is on small and medium sized enterprises.

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SCALEit has a simple vision to "help technology companies scale globally" and functions as a Danish growth initiative aiming to help startups with global ambitions to scale their business idea. The valuable knowledge and know-how behind SCALEit comes from the combination of local experts and Danes that are making it all happen in Silicon Valley. 

However, it's not only startups that can make it here and draw great advantages and value from SCALEit, so can Danish SME's.


Let Us Be Your Catalyst - To Speed Up and Proceed Efficiently

With the new SCALEit Catalyst initiative we want to increase our attention span and also focus on Danish SME's with a strong desire to grow their business globally or in the US specifically. The SCALEit Catalyst initiative draws on inspiration from the world of chemistry, where instead of chemical reactions the experts behind SCALEit will be and provide the catalyst material to speed up SME's business reactions by offering a unique opportunity to interact with the high-speed and innovative Silicon Valley ecosystem that otherwise might seem difficult to penetrate. As a catalyst SCALEit want to help adjust the activation energy of SME's to better fit the amount of energy and insights needed to allow a reaction or interaction to occur with the Silicon Valley market - or said in other words, as your SCALEit Catalyst we will help your SME change or lay the path to new business partnerships in Silicon Valley or in the US.  

We have designed a 40 days program exclusively for Danish growth companies who are seeking insights, investments or strategic partnerships in Silicon Valley. Through catalyst workshops in both Denmark and Silicon Valley we want to give SME's the opportunity to:

  • pitch to selected investors,
  • engage in tailored meetings based on the specific needs,
  • expand network to include potential clients, mentors and partners,
  • boost business acumen through educational sessions,
  • grow the sales force and getting established in the US,
  • exploit the Silicon Valley ecosystem,
  • and much more..

The purpose of SCALEit Catalyst is to help SME's explore and attract funding while accumulating knowledge with the aim of scaling globally.


Take Your Business to The Next Level - Join The Program

If you are a growth company who
… want to understand the financial institutions and opportunities in Silicon Valley/USA
… have a dedicated and motivated team
… have a proven product
… have proven revenue
… are looking for investments and/or strategic partnerships in the US
...are ready to scale using Silicon Valley as a launchpad

Then apply online at to qualify to become part of the first batch of catalyst companies during Fall 2017. Since we at SCALEit Catalyst want to ensure the highest possible quality we only accept between 3 to 5 companies, so apply now before it's too late!




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