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Meet Martin Broch Pedersen - our new Innovation Consultant

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 26, 2015 4:39:30 AM / by ICDK

Martin B. Pedersen, new Consultant at ICDK Martin B. Pedersen, new Consultant at ICDK

Martin Broch Pedersen has over the last 20 years worked extensively with technology and healthcare, both locally and globally. He has participated in two successful startups as well as worked as a CEO for another Danish start-up, Configit. Passion for focusing on a company’s core competences and making teams excel, as well as the ability to try out new ways, have been some of the reasons for success.

Martin also joined two larger organizations, first Tieto from Finland, which bought his first start-up, and until recently, CGI. In both organizations, Martin had the overall responsibility for delivering Healthcare-it solutions to the Danish market. Focus has been on solutions for laboratories and for electronic medical records, and next generation “citizen centric” healthcare solutions.

At Innovation Center Denmark, Martin works as a consultant focusing on Healthcare/Life Science and Tech. Martin will work with large Danish corporations and startups, and help them grow, innovate and build new business relationships using the many resources available in Silicon Valley.

Which trends and developments excite you most in Silicon Valley right now?

“From a healthcare perspective, I think the convergence of so many technologies means that we’ll see real and drastic improvements over the next 5-10 years. Both when it comes to increased quality and reduced cost.  Wearables, improved battery technology, personalized medicine, community software, internet of things are all relevant themes for the healthcare sector. Seeing companies exploiting all of these, in collaboration with healthcare providers, will lead to drastic changes – hopefully disruptions!”

Everyone in Silicon Valley has an idea of what makes the ecosystem so innovative. Of all the elements the ecosystem is made of, which ones do you think are the most important for Danish businesses to learn from?

“One thing that stands out in the successful companies is the power of the nerd! The change agents in Silicon Valley are the innovative engineer, computer scientist or the creative team. They have room to reflect and create; organizations allow great ideas to grow and get attention. They get strong support from management and they get funding and resources to take ideas to the market. Fast! Combined with a willingness to take risk – and learn from failure.

Recruiting the best possible people is another key to success – companies compete for the talent, and talents want to work with other talents. It’s simple, but for me the recruitment process is the most important process in any company, and I think companies in Silicon Valley are extremely aware of this.”

Martin holds a Master of Computer Science degree from University of Aarhus and University of Oregon, combined with a minor in economy. Martin is also an alumni from IMD business school.

Get in touch with Martin Pedersen on LinkedIn

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