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New Infusion of Intern Energy at the Innovation Centre

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 27, 2015 9:06:17 AM / by ICDK

From the left: Simon, Kasper, Mathias From the left: Simon, Kasper, Mathias

Mathias Rigbolt, Research & Development

My name is Mathias and I look very much forward to the next five months as R&D intern at the Innovation Centre. The internship is part of my Master’s degree in Political Science at the University of Copenhagen, where my focus is on the intersection between politics, technology and science; a combination which is sometimes paraphrased as a triple-helix structure. Here in Silicon Valley I’m going to be right in the middle of that intersection, gaining invaluable experience with public-private collaboration. For Denmark to be a world leading knowledge economy, I believe that it is imperative that Danish organizations, research communities and businesses are present in the epicenter of innovation. While at ICDK, I will do my best to facilitate this presence and build bridges between Danish and US research while also generating valuable knowledge from the center of the storm.

I have always been deeply fascinated with the innovative and fast-paced culture of Silicon Valley. It is a dream come true to be here and try to maneuver and keep up the pace in the electrifying winds of disruptive technologies and groundbreaking research. Please feel free to contact me at

Simon Lehnskov Lange, Innovation

My name is Simon and I am the new Innovation Intern here at the Innovation Centre. I see entrepreneurship, whether it is based on discovery or innovation, as one of the most efficient ways of making the world a better place. Having founded and run a small temp agency for a couple of years, I know how early startups bring both great engagement and challenges to their founders. Besides having taken my first chances with a business, I am currently finishing a M.Sc. in Photonics Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. This builds on a B.Sc. in Physics and Nanotechnology from the same institution.

My motivation for joining the Innovation Centre is rooted in personal experiences: I have used 2.5 out the last 7 years traveling around the world to explore and understand some of our global, cultural diversity as well as life in the developing world. Over hunger and domestic violence in Africa, political indoctrination in South East Asia to corruption, drugs and armed street wars in Latin America, I have built up a profound wish that we will all find new ways to organize ourselves. Innovation clusters like Silicon Valley are key players in finding technologies that can enable this change, so I am super excited to get to work here. Please feel free to contact me at

Kasper Clemmesen Hansen, Investment & Innovation

My name is Kasper and I am one third of the incoming team of interns at the Innovation Centre Denmark, Silicon Valley. Specifically, I'm the new Investment and Innovation Associate, which means that I am going to be active on both sides of the “building bridges” analogy. Thus, I will be helping Danish companies innovate and grow in Silicon Valley as well as promoting Denmark as a tremendous investment destination for American companies. The fundamental motivation for joining the Innovation Centre is to improve my grasp of how the theoretical realm that I have been taught in my current studies of M.Sc. in Finance and Strategic Management at Copenhagen Business School is connected to finance, investment, and strategy in practice. The internship is an ideal case study of this exact relationship.

Having spent a few weeks in Silicon Valley already, my impression is that, here, everyone is an entrepreneur. No matter whether you are a janitor or a financial accountant by day, we are all entrepreneurs by night. This willingness to risk everything is truly inspiring and I hope to bring this desire and optimism with me back to Denmark when the six months are over. In the meantime, always feel free to contact me at


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