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Pitching in front of a big audience

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 4, 2018 1:47:22 PM / by Jakob Soderberg

Jakob Soderberg

Have you ever heard the notion: Don’t re-invent the wheel? (or in Danish - “Du skal ikke genopfinde den dybe tallerken”) - I’m a fan. Don’t try to re-invent sliced bread or anything else that doesn’t need reinvention.


Rule of thumb: Keep it Simple! 

Keep it simple! Stupid-simple!

A few days ago as preparation for the upcoming SCALEit with Innovationsfonden I started a blog post called “what your pitch deck should look like” - before I finished, this showed up in my Facebook feed:


So I will not re-invent sliced bread or the "deep plate" but for now just encourage you to follow the links and learn from others who have a strong and good recipe for a pitch deck.  


Just follow these guidelines and you should be on the safe side.


Direct link to: Google Slides Template


And remember that the art of pitching is a sequence - so please “don’t boil the ocean” stick only to the stuff that’ll take you to the next meeting or follow up question.  You should be able to finish your presentation within 5-10 minutes and allow enough time for potential questions.


And if you want to check how you can design a better pitch deck our friends from Y Combinator have created this little very educational piece.


Disclaimer: These decks are for Y Combinator’s Demo Day. A lot of startups are pitching for a lot of investors - so simplicity is key! You may want to add a little extra complexity but proceed with caution.

Read, learn, adopt!

 You think SCALEit would be something for you? Let's find out. 


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... and just seconds before clicking the "Publish" button this post showed up in my Linkedin feed: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for your Startup Investor Pitch Deck


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