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Follow the Mothership: Stay updated on our new LinkedIn pages

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 17, 2015 10:54:04 AM / by ICDK

Stay updated and share news on LinkedIn Stay updated and share news on LinkedIn

As you might already know, Innovation Center Denmark in Silicon Valley is just one of seven Danish Innovation Centers across the world. In Shanghai, Munich, Sao Paolo, New Delhi, Tokyo, and Seoul it is also possible for Danish and local businesses and institutions to obtain connections between Denmark and their respective country through a local ICDK.

While we primarily consult clients, we also aim to deliver a constant, two-way stream of knowledge and inspiration  – inspiration that can be used no matter whether you plan to use our professional services or not. We do this because we are in the quite unique position of being aware of new developments in the industry-leading countries we are represented in as soon as they happen. This gives us an insight easily taken for granted locally but of greatest interest back home.

The Innovation Centers all receive support from Denmark, all over the country we have staff representing entities ranging from Invest in Denmark employees to legal advisors and research affiliates.

Follow the mothership!

To support this structure, we have rearranged our LinkedIn-presence. From now on, we have a main Innovation Center Denmark company page that will post material relevant for stakeholders all over the world, as well as in Denmark (the motherboard, you can call it). This includes descriptions of Denmark’s Medicon Valley, opportunities for research funding, and trends within the international companies settling in Denmark.

From that page, the Silicon Valley center has a showcase page, where specific site relevant material is posted. That could for instance be reports on the biogas export potential in California, or a summary of the most important issues within the future of industries as banking or robotics.

As a wrap-up of this small blog entry, we will of course recommend you to head straight to your LinkedIn-profile, and start following our new show-case page. You can of course also stay ahead of the game by visiting our blog (you already know this one!), or signing up for our newsletter.

P.S. And as a small teaser: the coming month will include updates on the exactly mentioned Californian biogas-potential, as well as a state-of-the-art description of Smart Cities.

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