Webinar with Banny Banerjee

FinTech Academy 2017

 The Silicon Valley Experience

As part of the FinTech Academy Fireside Chat webinar series, we will be hosting Banny Banerjee, Director Stanford ChangeLabs, on June 26th.
How can you use Design Thinking when building a FinTech solution? Banny Banerjee is the exact person to answer this question.
Renowned for his expertise in using Design Thinking for strategic initiatives and large-scale transformations, Banny will join Søren Juul Jørgensen from Innovation Center Denmark, for a talk about utilizing Design Thinking as a process tool, and a core element in user-centered design within FinTech.

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The FinTech Academy is designed for Danish Entrepreneurs and Executives within the FinTech sphere, and is a collaboration between the Innovation Center Denmark and Copenhagen FinTech

The academy aims to let you explore and exploit the thriving FinTech sphere in Denmark and Silicon Valley, and to facilitate an open and thought-provoking environment where participating Entrepreneurs and Executives can learn, connect and collaborate with potential partnerships, and growth opportunities.


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