Future of Work

"When it comes to the future of work, "late adopter" is the same thing as "out of business"- Jacob Morgan

What Does The Future of Work Look Like?

Future is change and inevitable. How will the technological development that drives monumental changes apply to the Future of Work? How will artificial intelligence (AI), Digitizing, Automation, Sharing Economies, the growing Supply and Demand of labor and Globalization affect the Danish labor market both now and in the future?

The biggest changes in Future of Work are happening in Silicon Valley and its development will influence the Danish labor market, both in the short and long term. Some labor markets will be affected earlier and deeper than others, but at some point all markets will be affected. How do we  figure out how our educational systems, interst organizations, legislators, pensions providers and other labor market actors are able to adopt to this tranformation successfully. 


So The Questions Are:

Is Denmark prepared for the rapidly accelerating development  of Future of Work? Socially, organizationally, and individually?
Is your organisation prepared?


Do You Wish To Join?

Innovation Centre Denmark Silicon Valley's Innovation Project 2018 is dedicated to The Future of Work.  We explore together with participating companies and organizations how The Future of Work most possibly will look like.

Throughout 2018 we will identify how factors such as organizational readiness, vulnerability and transformation will effect your business. We will compare factors to identify the most critical and relevant questions everyone in the labor market should consider to be ready for the Future of Work.  We will publish a public report showcasing the overall insights as well as individual reports reserved for our participants. The project will continue throughout 2018 with interviews, workshops, roundtable discussions, mid-way conferences, and events. Individual events and deliverables are also possible.

Do you wish to be a part of our 2018 Innovation Project? 

Are you interested in obtaining a deeper insight into how The Future of Work will disrupt your industry?
This is your chance!


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