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Bring your challenges

For the large and medium-sized company there are many good arguments to allocate parts of the organization’s capabilities driving innovation away from the headquarter. It can furthermore be a good idea to gather inspiration from outside the domestic boarders where the development might happen at a different pace or with another mindset. An address within the country that the company is about to compete in can also be a formal requirement.

Stay as long as you like

With a central location in Silicon Valley and experienced consultants with a widespread and relevant network, ICDK can constitute the ideal starting point for any company that wish to get in touch with the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

ICDK has a large number of business partners and partnerships with local experts within every kind of counseling that is available.


Virtuel incubation

ICDK opens mail, answers the phone, and solves small tasks on behalf of the company. At the same time there is access to the in-house consultants to a limited extend.

The Challenge - short incubation

if you want to solve a concrete challenge, gather new perspectives on a strategic issue, test proof of business, concept, market fit, etc., then ICDK offers to help kick-start the process, assist the establishment of relevant contacts, and give access to a functioning platform.

Term Agreements

If you want to establish an office abroad, a reasonably first step could be to exploit ICDK’s facilities to ensure a fast and efficient start. There will be access to all in- house resources.


Export Alliances

If several companies join forces to deliver ”turn-key” solutions to local problem owners, then the alliance could stay at ICDK.

Program Office

ICDK can function as a program office for larger programs within education, philanthropy, ”Corporate Venture”, etc.'

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