The future of X - what will the future bring?

What will the future bring? 

Change – that must be the short answer. The answer to concrete challenges are not necessarily to be found in Denmark and it often gives a broader perspective to turn to other parts of the world.

ICDK Intelligence can aid to create foresight, insight, and relevant views on both small and big challenges.

Silicon Valley as Early Warning

Many of the technological ingredients that affects our everyday life today, and have done so for the past 30-40 years, originates from Silicon Valley. Some of the more well known are HP, Microsoft, Intel, Google, Apple, Netflix, and LinkedIn.


The Innovation Project

The big annual and dedicated analysis of a theme that is expected to bring systemic changes.

Outlook analysis

The perspective that highlights a specific area either as it is today through an American lens or as it is expected to develop in the future.

Thematic analysis

Every challenge that an organization wish to investigate.

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