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Technology will affect, alter, change and upgrade all aspects of our society. Not one single industry or organization will be left untouched by the rapidly accelerating tecnological development.

Many companies, think tanks, pension funds, unions, interest organizations, advisors, educational institutions, philanthropists, politicians, and citizens are preoccupied by how all these changes will affect society as a whole and organizations and individuals in particular.

How will Denmark address these challenges? 

The answer to Danish-based issues and challenges should not necessarily be found in the USA, however, it should neither be excluded that the world’s leading technology region can offer perspectives to concrete societal and business related challenges.


The open offer for a concrete shared interest such as artificial intelligence, corporate innovation, international talent-, management-, and business development, or entrepreneurship. Local experts, international companies, and successful entrepreneurs contribute to a, normally, week-long course.


This program is for Danish entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who wish to investigate a given topic or business area such as FinTech, MedTech, Venture Investments, or AI. The program facilitates learning and insights between big and small companies and is happening in an open, experimenting, and challenging environment, with the involvement of a range of local experts. The duration of the program varies but most often it will contain a one-week stay in Silicon Valley with introduction and subsequent reflection in Denmark.


Entrepreneurs and startups that seek counseling, validation, partnerships, and investments will be exposed to world-class actors who strengthen the position, skill, and focus of the company.

Bootcamps are for companies
who are actively;
-  Seeking investments 
-  Want to adapt a Silicon Valley  
    mindset to their Growth plans

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