An Opportunity to Learn


An opportunity to attend our Masterclasses in artificial intelligence (AI) , Corporate Innovation, International  Management, Business Development or Entrepreneurship. During the weeklong course you will meet leading Silicon Valley innovators from international companies to successful entrepreneurs. Innovation Centre Denmark Silicon Valley offers you the latest technologies and trends and we will guide you through Silicon Valley's unique eco-system. 

Masterclasses offer individuals or companies insight into cutting edge technologies and the tech stage in Silicon Valley.


  • Introduction to the latest technologies.
  • Deep-dive into Silicon Valley's ecosystem.
  • Intense one week course.


 Finance is going digital and understanding financial technology (FinTech) is now critical to succeed in finance.  FinTech's rapid pace, complexity and "noise" may seem like an intimidating journey to embark on at first. However, we offer you the tools and expertise from the most successful FinTech companies in Silicon Valley. Our weeklong course will ensure you and your company the abilities that will take you to the next FinTech level.

Our MasterClasses offer you the insider knowledge of what’s happening in FinTech – from the most successful companies working in FinTech in Silicon Valley.

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Applied AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest technologies today. We will share our Silicon Valley expertise on what AI really is, why is will become relevant to your business and how can it be used, during our weeklong Masterclass on Applied AI. 

You will meet Silicon Valley leaders and experts on AI, learn the insider secrets and tools to successfully using AI in your business plus an understanding of  the eco-system of Silicon Valley - the gateway to the latest technology.


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